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Appendix B

Information Resources


General Visual Basic information.

CGI Specification

Information on the Common Gateway Interface specification.


Information from Macmillan Computer Publishing, including a link to, publisher of leading Internet-related guides such as Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days and Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days.


Microsoft provides a variety of information and Internet products from the Web site. Microsoft's products in this arena are evolving rapidly, and locations of information change from time to time. The best strategy to get any kind of information, unless noted otherwise, is to start at Then, from the Internet Developer's area, use the search boxes to search for your topic of interest. That's the most reliable way to dig up the pages you need quickly!

Microsoft ActiveX Control Kit

At this site you can get ActiveX controls that you can download and install on your system, which enables you to run scripts that utilize these controls with your browser. Eventually these controls will likely be installed with the browser and a separate download may not be necessary.

Microsoft Internet Download Toolbox

From this location you can reach a summary of available Internet tools that you can download over the Web.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The browser for downloading and related information.

Microsoft VBScript Information

General VBScript information from Microsoft.

Microsoft VBScript Language Reference

VBScript language reference pages from Microsoft.

ncSA Mosaic

The browser for downloading and related information.


From here you can reach the Navigator browser for downloading and related information.

Unofficial VBScript Information Page

Summary of VBScript resources from Brian Johnson.

Visual Basic CGI Programming

Approach for writing back-end Visual Basic and Access programs using Windows CGI, from Bob Denny.

VBScript Observations and Samples

Under this URL you can reach an area of VBScript observations and samples collected in the course of research and experimentation. Availability and degree of information will vary over time.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Drafts

A list of W3C working drafts in general.

W3C Objects: "Inserting Objects into HTML" Working Draft


The W3C draft standards on "Inserting Objects into HTML."

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