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In Review

This chapters you learned about a broad range of issues, all of which are important to being a top-notch VBScript developer. You rounded out your repertoire this chapters by learning about all the advanced functions of VBScript in areas such as string handling, date usage, and math. Then you tackled key strategic areas that are essential to sophisticated script development. Among these areas are debugging techniques, advanced user interface considerations, validation and server techniques, porting code, and security. Now that you have reached the conclusion of these chapters, your arsenal of VBScript techniques is complete. Although the learning never stops as evolution marches ever forward with advanced software technologies, you have now gained a state-of-the-art, fundamental knowledge of what VBScript is all about.

Where You Have Been

A lot of important ground was covered in these chapters as you completed the quest to obtain full VBScript knowledge in all nuances of the language. Day 15 covered working with strings through a variety of string functions. Working with math and dates was introduced on Day 16. Day 17 took a look at exterminating bugs from your script, and Day 18 showed you how to use advanced user interface techniques in your script. Active document strategies were covered on Day 19. Day 20 discussed porting between Visual Basic and VBScript. Finally, the chapter ended with a look at some very important security and server considerations on Day 21. You are now ready to use scripts to produce your own active pages. With the techniques you have picked up along the way, you can fully exploit this leading-edge technology. You can create fast, powerful scripts with an ease and flexibility that was unheard of a short time ago in the industry. Of course, many more changes are probably coming in the days ahead, including new World Wide Web-related standards, continuing evolution of the Windows environment, and advancements in many page- and document-related technologies. You can rest fairly assured of two things in the days ahead: Change is constant, and your VBScript scripting knowledge will probably be of use in many of the still emerging areas, as well as in the pages you write today. Happy scripting!

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