XV Optimizer Description:

XV Optimizer : Get some more performance out of your PC by selecting the Windows features you work with, and what areas to tweak to your advantage

If used with only the default set of features, a Windows PC is going to stay alive for a long while. However, this isnít a plausible scenario, and everything you install can leave traces or contribute to clogging your PC. In this regard, XV Optimizer comes with the means to tweak some Windows features and clean different areas for better performance.

Suitable for older Windows versions

A neat advantage is that you can run the application from the moment downloading is finished, because it requires no installation. However, you need to check whether or not the computer you run it on is fitted with Java Runtime Environment, because it was built on this platform. On the other hand, you donít need to worry about system registries being modified.Furthermore, the application might not perfectly run on all Windows iterations, but itís not something the default compatibility settings isnít capable of handling. Upon launch, the main window is brought up, being the only panel you get to work with.

Multiple tweaking methods

XV Optimizer mainly targets the general features of Windows that you might not necessarily need, or usually tend to slow your computer down. As such, you get to select the features you use, like Windows firewall, search, defender, printers, tablet PC services, and user account control.There arenít any advanced tweaking options, not even related to the areas you consider you use. On the other hand, you can specify whether or not your PC is fitted with more than 2 GB of RAM, helping with 32-bit programs, and if youíre a gamer or tweaker, so the application knows what and how to tweak.

To sum it up

consideration, we can say that XV Optimizer comes in handy for low-end computers that arenít fitted with enough system resources to handle all activities you might need to perform. Although pretty simple in the set of features and areas you can manage, it is able to boost performance, at least so that the PC doesnít suddenly freeze.